Friday, December 28, 2012

Liber Divinorum Operum: Prima Pars - Prima Visio, IV (2)

Since while in the same circle above that head another face like that of an old man appeared, this is that to the faithful all the excellent goodness of Divinity, which is without beginning and end, comes to their aide, thus also as the same face's chin and beard touch the top of this head, for Divinity preparing and protecting all obtains the greatest heights of charity, where the Son of God in his humanity leads lost human beings back to heaven.

Quod autem in eodem circulo supra idem caput alia facies velut senioris viri apparet, hoc est quod fidelibus omnia excellens benignitas Divinitatis, quae sine initio et fine est, succurrit, ita ut eiusdem faciei mentum et barba verticem capitis huius tangat, quoniam Divinitas disponendo et protegendo omnia celsitudinem summae charitatis obtinet, ubi Filius Dei in humanitate sua perditos homines ad coelestia reducet.


Man discovers the mystery of the Triune God in the mystery of his salvation.  The Divinity is a mystery of love and goodness wherein God Himself takes on flesh to become one of us, then through a self-sacrifice of love He makes us one with Him.  God's salvation does not come from without, it comes from within - it comes from the mysterious union of flesh with the Word of Life.  The Word of Life becomes the Word of Love on the Cross - and that Word bears the power to transform the believer's heart into one capable of participating in the one divine act of love between Father and Son.  This single act is outside of time - beyond time - it is eternal.  The believer begins eternal life already upon this earth because his heart is no longer bound by time.  The limits of human love are regularly tested and surpassed by faithful adhesion to this Word of Love.  This is the preparation for Heaven - hearts that grow beyond their natural limits, hearts that are divinized by the Word.  Loving through faith in the Word is the path of holiness and salvation.  Salvation does not come from the knowledge of facts, or a belief in ideas - it comes from an interior illumination that is a pure gift: this illumination draws the heart to act beyond its own measure of love.

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